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Mr Stephen Walters
Chief Economist
Australian Institute of Company Directors
Ms Besa Deda
Chief Economist
St George Bank
Mr Joshua Williamson
Director - Economic Analysis, Citi Research
Assistant Secretary/Treasurer
Mr Richard Yetsenga
Chief Economist
Committee Members
Mr Paul Bloxham
Chief Economist (Australia, New Zealand and Global Commodities)
HSBC Bank Australia Limited
Mr Justin Fabo
Senior Economist
Macquarie Group
Mr Tom Ford
formerly Chairman, Resimac Limited
Mr Stephen Halmarick
Chief Economist
Colonial First State Global Asset Management
Dr Alex Heath
Head of Economic Analysis
Reserve Bank of Australia
Mr Robert Henderson
Markets and Policy Economist
Mr Ben Jarman
Senior Economist & Executive Director
J.P. Morgan
Mr Peter Jolly
Head of Research & Managing Director, Global Markets Research
National Australia Bank
Mr Tony Morriss
Head of AUD/NZD Economics and Rates Strategy
Bank of America Merrill Lynch
Mr Philip Odonaghoe
Deutsche Bank
Ms Su-Lin Ong
Chief Economist & Head of Australian Research
RBC Capital Markets
Mr Brian Redican
Chief Economist
NSW Treasury Corporation
Mr Justin Smirk
Senior Economist
Westpac Banking Corporation
Mr Warren Tease
Principal Advisor, Macroeconomic Conditions Division
The Treasury
Mr George Tharenou
Chief Economist & Head of Macro Research, Australasia
Mr Geoff Weir
Managing Director
Financial Sector Services Pty Ltd
Ms Cassandra Winzenried
Senior Economist
Export Finance & Insurance Corporation